Infrawave model RR-153

RR-153 - 151x102x201

Spacious Infrared Sauna for 3 people. Made from original Canadian red cedar wood (PEFC). Perfect finish and comes complete with all necessary accessories. Equipped with the latest technology. With the advanced electronic control you have everything under control - intensity and temperature. Via the selector on the Infrared heater housing you can switch between full spectrum or magnesium oxide infrared heaters.


Cleverly devised! The hot rising air heats the aroma dish. Use aroma therapy products from Alpha Wellness Sensations. For a nourishing, invigorating and refreshing effect on our skin, body and spirit.

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Electronic Control

The New Advanced electronic control now also for leg heater and floor heating.

Storage for remote control

Always neatly stowed away and within reach. Remote control for color light therapy.

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Connection soundsystem

The Infrared Sauna is equipped with a jack for your MP3 / iPod or Smartphone. Through the sound system and two built-in speakers, you can enjoy your favorite music.

Bespoke - Manufactured to your specifications

The entire Infrawave series can in terms of dimensions be fully customized to your needs for a small additional charge. Smaller - broader - deeper - higher - pitched roof - under the stairs - attic? Ask your dealer for more information.

Made in Europe

Choose the Infrawave. Then you go for unique, stylish, and durable timber, manufactured in Europe. Unlike the Infrawave are most infrared cabins from China. The Infrawave is produced according to strict European standards. A guarantee of quality and service.

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